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Good To Know

Why CBD Oil and Vitamin D3 Are a Perfect Match

CBD oil and vitamin D3 also complement each other in intriguing ways. For example, many athletes now use CBD oil after arduous training routines (or before they power through those routines in the first place). Adding vitamin D3 to the equation can not only help keep athletes’ bones strong and healthy, it could also help them maintain a positive mindset during the rigors of training.

CBD Joint Gels and Muscle Rubs: A Buyer’s Guide: Why This is a Must Try

For a famously health-conscious group like athletes, CBD joint gels and muscle rubs are rapidly becoming an essential part of their kit. These topical products (i.e. ones meant to be applied to your skin) are new twists on old favourites like Vicks VapoRub or Biofreeze, but with one key difference: the titular CBD. It’s an enticing proposition for athletes: who want to feel better.

The Story So Far

After suffering from the symptoms created by taxing professional careers in 2018, we began to take the natural supplement cbd oil to maintain our active lifestyles. We found that it helped us maintain an active lifestyle during the highs and lows of our rugby careers.

As professional sportsmen, it’s vitally important what we put in our bodies, so we founded fourfivecbd to create the safest and highest-grade organic CBD hemp oils and other CBD products on the market. Now you can maintain your active lifestyle too.