Meet the Team 

 Look, let’s face it, there are hundreds of CBD companies in Europe, thousands in the United States, and plenty of options to buy CBD online. The difference is us; the founders, the employees, and the team that make up this incredible Company. We are believers, we are advocates, and we are consumers! As passionate CBD enthusiasts, we’ve tried all the products, we test everything ourselves, and we make sure everything's up to our standards. We want consumers to feel at home with us; we want you to come back, visit us again, come here to learn, to educate, and most importantly, to feel your best, it’s what we believe in. It’s what we want to spread to the world: better health, better life, fewer prescription drugs, more wellness and more wellbeing. We’re a family, and we hope that comes across on our site – where the research, product testing, and quality are all verified for you. Try us out, we’re here to help!


The Interview

Danny Brody and Wolf Heller founded Elements of Green. Danny, who discovered the benefits of CBD firsthand while financing cannabis and CBD companies in North America, now swears by the products and uses them daily. They've changed his life for the better from helping him sleep better to recover quicker and to reducing his day-to-day stresses of business. His companies have helped thousands of people feel better across Canada and the United States, but not yet in the UK or Europe. He wanted to take that knowledge, skillset, and passion that he had developed over the years and bring it to the European market. The goal was to build not only a company but a CBD community that simply offered the best products, through an incredible marketplace, and provided a second-to-none customer experience. Included in this community was an education portal, a section for athletes, and third-party unbiased and verified reviews.

Wolf Heller, who recently moved from Germany to Portugal to enjoy a quieter life, was always sore from a career spent kiteboarding. Through constant thrashings on the ocean, he became sore, and, living a natural life, opted against the traditional pain medications. Insert CBD. He was blown away by the power of this tiny cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant and wanted to spread what he had discovered to the world. Having spent his career marketing for fortune 500 companies like Levis and RayBan, he knew exactly what it would take to create a thriving CBD marketplace. He had met a cannabis and CBD financier named Danny back in 2016 while traveling, and sure enough, Danny was interested. A few planning sessions later, initial seed capital raised, and Elements of Green was born.

We started Elements of Green out of need. We couldn’t find an online CBD marketplace that stood out, that rose above, and that created a customer experience that made us feel at home. We wanted a place where products were safe, tested, and trusted, and customer service was friendly, shipping was fast and reliable, and the entire experience far surpassed our expectations. We couldn’t find it! We looked everywhere, tried everything - we had to build it ourselves. We founded the Company in early 2019 and launched in the middle of 2020. It took some time to do it right, but we wanted to make sure our products were the best, our CBD education platform was second to none, and consumers finally had a community to be proud of. The rest was history as we built out the website, the team, and everything in between to make Elements of Green happen.

We’re all active professionals, from snowboarding and skiing to mountain biking and kiteboarding, we’re always tackling the elements mother nature throws our way. Plus, it’s just a pretty cool word! Green, of course, comes from the hemp plant, and while it may seem overused in some areas, we still love it. It embodies everything we stand for, from sourcing our raw ingredients to the recyclable packaging we ship our products in, to giving back and supporting the communities around us. When we were brainstorming ideas, Elements of Green just clicked.

We are passionate about making a positive impact on those around us. We want to leave the earth a better place than we found it, for our kids, our grandkids, and all future generations. It may sound cliché, but we want to make an impact. We want to do good, be good, and feel good. These products have helped us achieve that - they allow us to contribute and help us give back to those around us and the communities we are in.

We all use CBD daily, from sleeping better at night to reducing our stresses throughout the day, to recovering quicker from sports and grueling workouts – we genuinely find that it helps us with almost everything in life. We’re believers, and we want to share that message and share this incredible cannabinoid with as many people as possible so that others, too, can feel that same sense of wellbeing.

We’re always growing, always improving our site, and continuously improving our products. The demand is strong, and 8.5 million UK residents per year are buying CBD products; that’s almost 13% of the entire population, and that trend is only growing.

We honestly just want people to feel better! We were tired of the aches and pains and the stresses of day to day life keeping us awake at night; we’ve found these products help us so much, so we want to share that with the world. We want the world to feel better, people to be happier, and just in general, improve the lives of everyone we touch.