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        CBD for Recovery

        Discover the benefits of muscle and sports recovery with our bath bombs. Fitness enthusiasts will find our CBD gels and creams to speed up recovery after exercise. Applied with proper nutrition, our best CBD capsules can reduce recovery times and boost your immune system.


        Janus Organics CBD-Öl 10ml


        Janus Organics CBD Kapseln


        Janus Organics Relax CBD Badekugel


        Janus Zero


        CBD Vital | Arthro Cool


        Janus Organics CBD Öl 3ml


        KannaSwiss Vitamin A-Zink Fruchtgummis


        Endoca LIPPEN BALM mit 20MG CBD


        CBD Vital FULL SPECTRUM 10%, 10 ml


        cbdMD Kühlendes Schmerzlinderungsgel




        CBD Muskelbalsam Kühlendes Menthol


        Forty-five years ago, a team at the University of Florida put their heads together and came up with a drink that was a concoction of vitamins and nutrients to replenish the ones a body would lose during physical exertion. Even if you’re a couch potato, you’ve probably tried the product that was launched from this research. Since then, the science of recovery has produced some compelling products and treatments, but the use of CBD for muscle and exercise recovery has surpassed them all.

        Whether you’re looking to recover from playing football, jogging, weightlifting, yoga, Peloton, walking, or cycling, here at Elements of Green we have the right solutions for you! Just check out our athlete’s section and see why so many athletes are adding CBD as an essential part of the workout recovery process. Marathoners, UFC fighters, footballers, cricketers, and professional athletes from all over the UK and France are using CBD more and more for workout recovery. At EOG we offer the best and highest quality forms of CBD for recoveries, such as capsules, tinctures, oils, bath bombs, and more.

        Your exercise gear wasn’t built in 1965 - why would your recovery regime be based on forty-five-year-old technology? Isn’t it time you upgraded your post-workout recovery plan?

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