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CBD for Sleep

CBD offers true advantages when it comes to improving sleep. Our customers have found our oils have improved REM and support a sense of calm, giving them a longer-lasting sleep. Finding the right dosage can assist a sound sleep by taking it before going to bed...


🍇Hiatus CBD Vape Pen: "Rest" | Blackcurrant & Blueberry


Elements of Green has Europe’s largest collection of CBD products for sleep, including regional and international CBD products for sleep, CBD capsules, CBD oils, CBD crystals, CBD bath bombs, and quick and easy CBD products for sleep. If you’re looking for relief from sleep apnea or need some help meditating to help you sleep, we have several CBD that will help you sleep better. Browse best sellers, hot new CBD capsules for sleep apnea, CBD capsules for anxiety, bath bombs for relaxing before bedtime, and tips from athletes and sleep experts.

Get a good night’s sleep with our selection of premium and high-quality CBD oils, tinctures, balms, bath bombs, vape pens to help you get an opioid-free restful sleep. Plus, several of our products are THC free!

Green also offers a wide selection of CBD products to fall asleep quickly and get quality sleep, including THC-free, organic, gluten-free, and vegan CBD for anxiety and sleep.

Visit the Best of the Month: CBD products for sleep, Health and Wellness blog posts by medical professionals, along with articles that focus on fitness, health, and CBD.

Sleeping is a critical foundation for wellness, happiness, and fulfilment. Whether you're a restless sleeper, a snorer, a midnight snacker, a snoozer, a blanket-thief, or anywhere in between, you will always be able to find classic CBD products for sleep and new favourites of all kinds on Elements of Green.

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