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    CBD Oil 1000mg

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      When you live life to the fullest, you need a fourfivecbd’s 1000mg CBD Oil – a supplement that can keep up with all your adventures.

      Our 1000mg CBD is 100% natural, made with 1000mg of the purest industrial hemp, and presented in our unique spray bottle. This is our medium-strength CBD oil so you only need to dose it a few times a day.

      About fourfivecbd 1000mg CBD Oil

      At fourfivecbd, we encourage athletes and active people alike to embrace the highs and the lows of this lifestyle. We know that the highs are amazing, and we also know how hard the lows can be.

      That’s why we put our personal experience into making a CBD Oil that can stay with you through the entire ride. But it’s not just any CBD Oil, because we know you deserve more than ordinary.

      This 1000mg has many unique features, and it’s thanks to its features that it’s perfect for anyone leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Check the features out for yourself right here:

      • Each Bottle Contains 1000mg of  industrial hemp(CBD)
      • It Comes in Our Unique Spray Bottle Presentation
      • Every Spray Bottle Has Up To 240 Sprays (30ml)
      • CO2 Extraction Process
      • 100% Natural Ingredients
      • Easy to Dose
      • Small and Portable
      • Orange or Natural Flavour
      • 100% Herbicide and Pesticide Free
      • Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
      • Third Party Lab Tested

      How To Use fourfivecbd 1000mg CBD Oil

      Using our 1000mg CBD Oil is so easy that it can be done in a matter of seconds — its spray bottle presentation is made specifically to support and maintain an active lifestyle. Here is how to dose fourfivecbd 1000mg CBD Oil:

      1. Spray it directly under your tongue for quicker results
      2. Wash it down with water or your juice of choice

      Dosing fourfivecbd 1000mg CBD Oil

      No. Of Sprays CBD Dosage (in Milligrams)
      1 Spray (0.12ml) 4.1mg
      2 Spray (0.25ml) 8.3mg
      3 Sprays (0.37ml) 12.4mg


      The dosage is quite easy, and all you need to do is calculate the amount of CBD supplement you would like to take in one day, and spray away! However, we do advise against taking any more than 100mg of our 1000mg CBD Oil in one day.


      • Industrial Hemp
      • Medium chain triglyceride oil


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