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The benefits of CBD oils are far and wide and have several applications, such as improving sleep. Whether you want to treat anxiety, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, we have numerous helpful products. We work closely with our manufacturers to provide natural, organic, and high-quality CBD oils. We ship to the UK, Germany, Holland, France, and all of Europe. Don’t forget to check out our THC-free CBD oils!

CBD Oils

Janus Organic CBD Oil


Pro CBD Oil with Vitamin D3


CBD Oil 1000mg


Janus Zero


Endoca CBD Oil 150MG CBD/ML (Strong) 10 ml


CBD Oil 500mg


Heidi's Naturals N˚1, 30 ml


Endoca Raw CBD Oil 150MG CBD+/ML (Strong) 10 ml


Endoca Raw CBD OIL 30MG CBD+/ML (Medium) 10 ml


CBD Vital Sleep Drops 30ml


Dutch Natural Healing | CBD Oil Gold Edition | 20 ml 25%


Dutch Natural Healing | CBD Oil Gold Edition | 10 ml 25%


CBD Oil: A term for CBD mixed with another oil, such as MCT or hemp oil. CBD oil is generally meant to be absorbed in the mouth or put in a capsule for digestion by the liver. CBD is itself an oil, so the term may also refer to an ingredient in another CBD product such as a gummy.
Tincture: A term for an animal or plant extract dissolved in ethyl alcohol. Some CBD oils are tinctures – the CBD oil and alcohol. Another example of a tincture is the vanilla extract you may have in your cupboard. Some CBD companies use the term tincture as a catch-all for any liquid CBD meant to be taken sublingually, even if there is no alcohol.

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