Janus cbd, CBD Oil for sale
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil
Janus cbd, CBD Oil

    Janus Zero CBD Oil

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      Welcome to Janus' high potency CBD oil designed with athletes in mind! Containing 0% THC, this oil is fast-acting, has a high concentration of CBD, and a sleek, easy-to-use design. This premium CBD isolate creates the ultimate athlete tincture experience. Packing a potent punch, each serving contains between 25-100mg of CBD, supporting an active lifestyle with energy and focus.


      What does it do?

      🏋 Helps with exercise recovery

      💪 Assists active lifestyle with energy & focus

      💆 Supports a sense of calm

      😴 Improves sleep

      🌞 Complements everyday wellness routine

      🚫 Guaranteed 0% THC allowing high performing athletes to maintain WADA requirements*


      What's in it

      • 500-3,000mg of CBD per bottle

      • 20-30 servings per bottle

      • 25-100mg per serving

      • CBD Isolate

      • GMO & Gluten Free

      • Vegan

      • MCT Oil

      • Garden Mint Flavouring



      Place half dropper sublingually in the morning and approximately one hour before bed and/or after a workout and/or anytime you're looking for improved focus. Maintain consistency with your doses to successfully see results. Please consult your doctor about potential interactions or other complications before using this product. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to heat or sunlight.


      Why do we like it?

      We love Janus Zero because it's been designed with athletes in mind! With a 0% THC guarantee, Janus Zero offers athletes all of CBD's performance without the limitations of THC. From improved sleep the night before a game to supporting calmness before a competition to aiding relaxation, Janus Zero offers all the benefits. Zero high, Zero THC. Guaranteed. Are you required to test under WADA? Now you can rest assured (test assured) with Janus Zero's 0% THC guarantee. *0% THC is defined as non-detectable & falls BQL (Below Quantitation Limit)

      Test Certificate  500 mg Regular Strength 

      Test Certificate  1000 mg Pro Strength

      Test Certificate  1500 mg Regular Strength 

      Test Certificate  3000 mg Pro Strength