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CBD Gummies FAQs

CBD gummies are one of the tastiest ways to enjoy your daily dose of CBD oil! They are chewy sweets, infused with CBD oil – ideal for taking CBD discreetly or on the go.

They come in a wide variety of flavours, as with regular sweets, and more often than not you’re not able to taste the CBD oil, which is highly preferable for those with a very sensitive palette. They also provide a very easy way to enjoy the benefits of a very precise dosage, as each CBD gummy should contain the same mg of CBD as stated on the packaging. Be sure to check this before using, as some are much higher (or lower) than others. It’s also worth noting that some CBD gummies are full or broad-spectrum (containing a range of cannabinoids) whereas others are infused with CBD isolate (the CBD molecule on its own). What you prefer to use is entirely down to your individual preference!

In the U.K, CBD gummies for sale should only contain up to the maximum legal limit of THC (0.2%), so they will not make you feel high. Of course, this only applies to reputable and reliable CBD brands, so make sure to buy from a company you trust. One great way to ensure you’re getting the best quality CBD products (gummies included) is to check the lab testing certificates, all of which are available to view freely on the Elements of Green website.

When you buy CBD gummies online, from a trusted brand, you can expect to see the same results as you would with CBD oil. However, they do work in different ways since gummies (and other edibles or CBD capsules) have to go through the digestive process, whereas sublingual oils and vapes bypass this and go straight into the bloodstream. This produces a much slower, steadier build-up of cannabinoids and also results in the cannabinoids staying in your body for longer. On top of this, CBD gummies and other edibles may offer more direct access to the endocannabinoid receptors in the gut – something which many CBD users who suffer from conditions such as IBS find desirable.

As with all CBD, it’s vital to check the dosage on the packaging before you begin using your gummies. This is because they are available in various strengths, usually ranging from 8mg CBD per gummy to 50mg CBD per gummy! If you prefer microdosing (taking small doses throughout the day), you’re better off opting for low-strength gummies. If you’re happy just eating two or three, you can choose higher strength. Before you buy CBD gummies online, it’s worth noting that CBD edibles have the lowest bioavailability (the amount of the active ingredients that actually get absorbed and put to work in your body), because it has to be metabolised by the liver and go through the digestive process first. This means that most people notice the best results from edibles if they take a higher dose than what they might take in the form of oral drops. But, as with all CBD products, your dose is entirely unique to you and depends on a variety of factors, including age, weight, blood volume, existing endocannabinoid levels, and reason for use. It’s advisable to start low and go slow, to build up gradually, and find the daily dose that’s right for you.

You can buy CBD gummies online from many different retailers, however, not all gummies are made equal! It’s important that you only ever buy CBD products from trustworthy sources, who make their lab certificates available and use organically grown hemp to extract their CBD from. Just because there are CBD gummies for sale in a shop doesn’t make them good quality!

CBD gummies bought legally in the U.K do not get you high. This is because they contain no THC or at the very most in full-spectrum products, a nominal amount that won’t have any psychoactive effect.

As long as the CBD gummies for sale are high quality, they are as effective as CBD oil. Some studies indicate that edible CBD products may be even more effective and efficient. This is because so much of the product is lost in absorption when taken sublingually, whereas cannabinoids that go through the digestive process are thought to bind with a glucuronide compound, which allows them to cross the blood-brain barrier with greater ease and travel faster throughout the body.

Providing they are made by a trustworthy brand and formulated using organic hemp extract, yes – CBD gummies are safe.

No, CBD gummies are not suitable to give to dogs or any other animal. This is not because of the CBD, but because of other ingredients which may be harmful to animals.

So far studies and guidance from the World Health Organisation indicate that it’s not possible to overdose on CBD gummies or any other CBD products in any meaningful way. If you eat a large number of gummies, you may experience mild adverse side effects such as nausea, headaches, diarrhea, and sleepiness. We strongly advise following the directions given on the packaging for best results.

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