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Browse CBD pills and gel capsules from UK's top CBD brands, Europe's leading home of plant-based wellness.

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CBD Capsules FAQs

CBD capsules are soft gel capsules that contain CBD for the body to absorb through the digestive system. They are easy to use, easy to dose, and perfect for on-the-go doses of Cannabidiol, making them a great alternative to the common CBD oil and tinctures.

The best thing about CBD capsules is that they contain either hemp seed oil or MCT oil, and some will also carry specific flavonoids and terpenes that add to the Entourage Effect experience.

Trying new things may be scary, especially when it comes to your health and well-being. While CBD capsules are safe, you need to pay special attention to the brand you are buying from.

Since it is a relatively new industry, some companies will sell CBD capsules just for profit, putting your safety at risk. That is why you have to make sure the product comes from a reliable brand that manufactures CBD capsules with organic hemp extract. Moreover, we highly recommend asking for third-party lab tests to ensure you are buying a safe product.

As of February 2020, CBD capsules are considered a food product. Thus, they require premarket authorization through a Novel Food Application for the product to be legal.

Because the CBD market is constantly growing, the regulations surrounding these products will eventually change. For now, CBD capsules are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC and come from industrial hemp strains approved by the UK.

Just like any other Cannabidiol product, CBD capsules provide your body with the right dose of this cannabinoid, ensuring its absorption. However, because the digestive system is the one to process it, they take a longer time to work compared to oils, flowers, or concentrates. Still, the benefits of CBD capsules are the same as any other CBD product: regulate sleep patterns and mood, act as a painkiller, and reduce inflammation.

Are you curious? You can learn more about CBD benefits in our blog and fall in love with this fantastic compound.

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