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Janus Energise CBD Bath Bomb | 100mg


The Energise Bath Bomb combines proven aromatherapy with the natural effects of CBD. Our unique, invigorating formula is infused with natural orange and lemon extracts, leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth. Each bath bomb contains 100mg of our premium hemp-based CBD extract to elevate your bathing experience. CBD works as an active ingredient and has been shown to provide calming effects and muscle relaxation when applied to the skin.
WARNING: not for oral consumption.

  • Why do we like it?

    Janus provides a new standard for CBD to help consumers achieve their everyday goals - from aiding fitness recovery to providing a touch of relaxation to wellness journeys - through simple, authentic solutions. Supplementing the body’s natural cannabinoids with CBD derived from the highest quality hemp plants, Janus products help bring the body back to balance, and in doing so, may optimise whole body wellness.

  • Disclaimer 

    People who are or may be pregnant, breastfeeding, or those with any underlying condition should consult with their physician before consuming CBD-based products.

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