Many families treat a household pet as an equal member of the family. If the animal’s health is compromised, or there’s a new treatment that’s needed to improve their lives, the family wastes no time trying to set things right for their four-legged friend.

When people think of household pets, dogs and cats are the first types of animals to come to mind. But for those who live in rural areas surrounded by farms, horses are as common and beloved as small household pets. There’s a great bond between a rider and his/her horse that encourages people to do everything they can to protect the health of their mighty steeds.

One of the ways to protect and support a horse’s health is by administering CBD oil into their food or water. There’s a staggering rate of adoption of CBD oil to help improve the health and well-being of all animals, including horses. It’s organic and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help horses (and all animals) heal from scrapes, wounds, and injuries.

What are the benefits of CBD products for horses?

Despite their size, horses are very prone to fear and anxiety if they sense a dangerous or uncomfortable situation. Some horses are so plagued by anxious thoughts that they can be reckless and even dangerous for riders. Mental health isn’t just for humans, after all.

While more tests are necessary to confirm the benefits of CBD products for horses, early research suggests that CBD can help alleviate anxiety in horses. Anxiety and other behavioural issues in horses are often triggered by pain and injury that afflict the proud animals. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help manage the sensitivity of those injuries and reduce the feelings of pain that emanate from those sore spots.

If your horse is not feeling pain, it’s less likely to develop the anxiousness or nervousness that is often triggered by those ailments. This helps your horse remain calm, healthy, and peaceful so that you can enjoy a smooth ride together.


Safety and side effects of CBD products for horses

There are potential mild side effects from taking CBD products for horses and humans. The most common side effect symptoms include things like dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, and occasionally decreased blood pressure. If your horse shows any of these symptoms, it may be best to speak with your veterinarian.

A veterinarian’s opinion is also very helpful if you have a female horse that happens to be pregnant. There are inconclusive studies that have tested the effects of CBD products in pregnant females, and a veterinarian’s opinion on the matter will help determine if CBD products are the right fit for your pregnant horse.

Similarly, if your horse happens to be on medications for other conditions, speak with your veterinarian about the possible ramifications of mixing CBD oil with those other forms of therapy. You don’t want to discount the effects of either form of treatment if it can be avoided.


How to use CBD products for horses

Just like with people, there are several ways to administer CBD products for horses. Since the therapy is for an extended member of your family, you want to make sure that you use only high-quality products that have been certified for healthy use. Find a quality provider of CBD products that guarantees the compounds have not been disrupted by non-organic remedies.


What type of CBD products are best for horses?

CBD oil is one of the best products to use when treating horses. When you purchase a bottle of CBD oil (from a trusted provider), you can use a droplet to grab a few drops of oil from the bottle. Then, you can coax your horse to open its mouth so that you can apply the drops of oil onto the back of their tongue that they can easily swallow.

If it’s hard to get your horse to comply, an easy way to administer the oil is by dropping the drops of oil into your horse’s water dish. When they go for a drink, the oil will have dissolved into the water and they can easily lap up the contents to get it into their bodily systems.

You can also purchase CBD capsules and break up the contents of the capsules into a fine powder. Once you have the powder, you can add a few drops into your horse’s food so that they eat up the treatment alongside their meal. This is another easy way to administer CBD into your horse’s body without causing issues.


How do you choose the right CBD products for horses?

Perhaps the best CBD product for your horse is a balm, cream, or lotion. When brushing your horse’s mane, it’s not uncommon to also apply lotion to their skin to help moisturize and rehydrate their bodies so that they remain healthy.

CBD balms can be applied in the same manner to your horse’s skin. Simply take a dab of the cream or lotion and gently apply it onto your horse’s body in areas that are sore or noticeably injured. The anti-inflammatory properties within the CBD lotion will coalesce with the skin and soothe any pain or discomfort the horse may feel. This will also help alleviate anxiety and other behavioural issues within the horse so that you or any member of the family can enjoy a safe ride out on the range.