If you are someone who has ever tried the potent effects of CBD and used them daily to treat any symptoms you may have, then you can agree that it has changed your life for the better. Nowadays, CBD has been gaining fame quickly due to its great benefits, and people have been using it to treat symptoms related to anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more.

Thanks to its potent, long-lasting effects and multiple benefits, many people have been able to enjoy their lives more and get the most out of cannabidiol, but many of us wonder, if CBD can help us, can it also help our pets?  

As members of our families, our pets, especially cats, are exposed to several situations that can cause them stress and anxiety. This can lead to excessive self-grooming, loss of appetite, hyperactivity, and even destruction of furniture and other items. Additionally, cats have an endocannabinoid system just like ours, which means that providing your cat with CBD products would most likely have the same relaxing effects as it has on humans. In this article, we will discuss how to use CBD for cats and its benefits.

Benefits of CBD Oil for cats

CBD can help regulate your cat’s mood, especially in situations that can make them nervous, like moving to a new place, adjusting them to a new pet or person in the house, travelling, going to the vet, and so on. Using CBD for cats can effectively provide temporary relief and minimize any anxiety your cat might be feeling despite the environmental changes.

In addition, CBD has other benefits for your cat: boosting immune support, providing relief from chronic pain, assisting with joint mobility, and providing anti-inflammatory properties. All of these effects can improve your cat’s well-being and prevent them from exhibiting worse behaviours.

One of the most popular ways to use CBD for cats is bottled oil, making it easier to give them the necessary dose thanks to the dropper it comes with. Consider adding drops to their food or treats. However, if your cat is a bit picky about what they eat, you can apply other versatile CBD oils to the bare skin inside the cat’s ear to be absorbed transdermally or even dab it on their paws so they can lick it off.

Although THC-free CBD oil is safe for your pets, it is always better to use CBD that is specially made for pets. For instance, Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD Oil for Pets is a safe alternative that contains 50% high-grade salmon oil and 50% hemp oil to give your cat a top-quality treatment.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

The recommended dose is giving 2 – 4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Although cats have endocannabinoids, that amount is not enough for them, which is why they need a moderate-high dose to have a good effect on them. 

The dosage of CBD for cats can also change depending on what you are going to treat. If your cat suffers from cancer or seizures, you should start with a quantity of 4 – 6 mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. The more complex the condition your cat has, the more CBD you will need to give them, but you need to start small and go up until you notice that your cat is feeling the effects and feels no pain or anxiety.

Once your cat has consumed their daily dose of CBD, the effects will start taking place after 15 or 45 minutes and depending on its breed, ailments, and activity level, the effects can last between 4 – 6 hours.

You might not notice the improvement right away, and it is because you need to try the product for at least thirty days before your cat can adjust to the dose. Thus, you must keep an eye on them to notice any subtle changes before deciding to drop or increase the amount. Moreover, we recommend you go to a veterinarian and check with them the ideal dosage of CBD oil for your cat.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Studies and anecdotal experiences reveal that CBD is not harmful to cats. However, it is always better to consult with your veterinarian to ensure that CBD and its other ingredients will not produce other effects on your feline. If you ever give your cat too much CBD, they are most likely to experience sleepiness or an upset stomach.

Here are some essential tips you should take into account when using CBD for cats:

First, you must have in mind that the CBD oil you will give to your cat must not contain any THC as this is a psychoactive agent and could be toxic for animals. Before deciding to feed your cat CBD, take your time to search for a CBD oil that your cat can use daily and give them the relief they need for their pain or anxiety.

Second, if your feline is on medication, you can still give them CBD. Hemp-derived oil does not cause issues when used with other medicines. However, you should ask your veterinarian for their opinion as they know the cat’s medical history better and can guide you on successfully incorporating CBD into your kitty’s life.

As a last tip, CBD is better absorbed on a full stomach. Besides, you need to pair it up with plenty of exercise, good sleep, and a balanced diet as all these aspects can determine the quality of absorption their body makes.

We are constantly learning about the benefits of CBD for cats and pets in general. In case you want to expand your knowledge and see what science says, read our definitive guide to CBD for pets and learn how to take care of your furry friend.