The connection between cannabis and meditation goes as far back as 2000 BC in Shamanic, Pagan, Aztec, Greek, and Vedic cultures. The reason is that its effects seem to enhance the effects of religious practices, aiding individuals to focus and find peace to achieve enlightenment.

How does the relationship between CBD and meditation look like today? Although our busy, extremely stimulating world keeps us far from having the perfect practices that our ancestors had, CBD oil can still give us the chance to connect with our spiritual side in blissful, deep introspection.


What are the benefits of CBD and Meditation?

Meditation is a mental practice that aims to enhance focus, relaxation, and awareness. Religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity, among others, use some form of meditation to invite enlightenment and connect with their spiritual entities. Still, you don’t need to align with any religion to practice meditation, as it is beneficial to relieve stress and enhance your mood.

However, it may be difficult to connect with yourself when daily distractions surround you. In that case, CBD is one of the best additions to your meditation practice. This cannabinoid interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for balancing mood, pain, sleep, appetite, and other vital functions. After reading about this match made in heaven, CBD and meditation will become your favorite part of your daily routine.


How do CBD and Meditation Work

CBD binds to the endocannabinoid system without inducing intoxicating effects on your brain. In other words, it doesn’t make you high, making it a great substance to feel grounded. In essence, CBD won’t make you meditate better or achieve better focus. Instead, this hemp-derivative will help you feel comfortable with your practice by helping you release tension and stress in your daily life. This way, you create the necessary conditions to have good practice: a calm mind, a relaxed body, and enhanced well-being.

Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that induces a sense of tranquillity when it attaches to our ECS. Many scientists think that high levels of this neurotransmitter can increase happiness and reduce cortisol, a hormone that fires our “fight or flight” response. However, not everyone can generate enough levels of anandamide. That’s where CBD oil comes into action.

CBD can naturally boost endocannabinoid levels, which are needed when you suffer from chronic stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet. So, it is important to first fix these issues and complement your self-care regimen with some drops of CBD oilー we think the Janus 1000mg CBD oil is the perfect product for this purposeーinstead of relying solely on CBD and meditation fix your conditions.

Moreover, you can have a few drops of CBD before meditating (about 30 minutes before your practice should work). This way, you will give your body time to absorb CBD and allow it to bind with your ECS, giving your body a head start on Anandamide production as well as serotonin and dopamine. These other neurotransmitters enhance pleasure and performance, allowing you to focus on your breath and thoughts.

If you are into wellness practices and healthy habits, read our Yoga and CBD article, which is intimately related to meditation and focus.


How to Make CBD and Meditation Part of your Daily Routine

To implement this new habit in your daily routine, you have to be consistent and plan to make sure you have flawless CBD and meditation practice.

The first step is to choose your CBD product. There’s a myriad of CBD oils for you to choose from, so getting the right one might be difficult. We recommend choosing from reliable vendors that have 3rd party test results to stay assured you are buying the best from the best. 

At Elements of Greens, we are committed to your health. If you don’t like the taste of regular CBD oil, what about transdermal CBD oil? OTO CBD Roll-On Oil: Focus, bring you a 20% CBD concentration with peaceful rosemary, ylang-ylang, and peppermint aromas to keep you balanced and grounded. Simply roll on your temples or wrists three times before your practice for this terpene-rich oil to be absorbed by the veins close to the surface and feel the sense of calm taking over your body.

Now that you have your product ready, mark the days you would like to begin with your CBD and meditation practice in your calendar. To acquire a new habit, you may want to meditate with CBD daily until it becomes part of your daily routine. Still, some people may see better results when meditating three times a day or less. Simply try to analyze the patterns you make on the go.


How to Prepare for CBD and Meditation

After using your chosen CBD oil, the next step to prepare for CBD and meditation is to find the time and place to do so. Many people enjoy meditating in the morning, while others find it to work better before going to sleep. Simply think of your own needs and find a time frame that works for you and your schedule.

Then, prepare the best spot to dive into your thoughts. The ideal place will be quiet, peaceful, and has enough space for you to relax. A cushion will work, too, if you’re not used to sitting on the floor without any support underneath. Make sure to clear away clutter and distractions like cell phones, computers, and any other devices. 

The last step is to select music or a guided meditation. Experienced individuals will find their way by just listening to a relaxing tune, while those who are only starting will enhance their practice by listening to a verbally-guided meditation. Now, just sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe slowly. Keep on improving your meditation practice by following insightful tips.


As mentioned before, CBD isn’t a magical compound that will make your meditation practice better. Environmental factors and daily life problems can still affect our practice, and even if meditation aims to ease the mind and help you focus, it won’t always solve those underlying issues. If you don’t feel in the right frame of mind, meditation alone may not be enough to help you, and CBD may just ease some anxiety-related symptoms instead of eliminating the root of the problem.

If you feel like your mental health needs more than CBD and meditation, visit a therapist and find with them the right solution to your worries.