We can’t leave out acne when talking about skincare. We all go through it sometimes, and for many people, it is a real problem. Acne makes people uncomfortable with their looks and can cause pain because of the inflammation, which is especially difficult to tolerate on your face. Plus, acne can cause anxiety, which is familiar to anyone.

CBD reduces inflammation, soothes pain, and reduces the amount of sebum in the skin, reducing and preventing the symptoms of many skin conditions. Hence, it is common to wonder how to use CBD for acne, what the research says about it, and the best CBD products for acne.


What is Acne

Acne is a widespread skin condition in which the hair follicles under your skin get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. When this happens, it typically looks on your skin surface like whiteheads, blackheads, red bumps, or pimples. In more severe cases, acne looks like large lumps under your skin, and some of them are pus-filled, which can be very painful.

Acne is regularly associated with teenagers, but this condition has no regard for age, gender, or body parts. This skin condition happens to people of all ages and usually appears on your face and forehead, chest, shoulders, and upper back. These areas have the most oil glands, and some pores have bacteria that increase the obstruction, making the skin in these areas more susceptible to acne.

Hormonal changes, medications with corticosteroids, testosterone, or lithium can trigger or worsen acne. Moreover, stress and contact with greasy substances can worsen the symptoms of acne, too, as well as a carbohydrate-rich diet.


Can CBD Help with Acne

CBD is present in many skin care products like lotions, massage oils, and soap because of its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties. These effects enrich the benefits that everyday skincare products already offer to people, giving you a safe and natural solution to several skin problems.

When talking about how to use CBD for acne, it is important to know that there are several options in the market to treat and prevent it by keeping your skin clear of excessive oil and minimising the number of bacterias that can cause your pores to clog. Now, researchers are studying the potential usage of CBD to hinder the oil-building process of the skin, preventing your pores from clogging and reducing the symptoms and the occurrence of acne.

A 2014 study meant to study the effects of CBD on human skin and its oil-building glands. Researchers found that CBD decreased the proliferation of sebum when applied topically, which prevents excessive oil production so it can not obstruct skin pores. Alongside its anti-inflammatory action, CBD proves to be an effective therapeutic substance against acne.

Given the above, the topical application of CBD-infused skincare products has a great potential to soothe and prevent pain, inflammation, and the emergence of acne. However, its effects don’t stop there. We mentioned earlier that there are severe cases of acne that produce scars, so it is logical to wonder if you can use CBD for acne scars.


CBD for Acne Scars

Acne scars occur when the obstruction of pores is significant enough to damage the skin; this situation is painful and has a toll on the person’s appearance, making the consequences of acne endure further than the pores’ obstruction. Here we are talking about a process of recovering from acne that involves inflammation and possibilities of infection. CBD can play a primary role in the treating of acne scars due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

So, how to use CBD for acne? For Cannabidiol to be effective, you should make it part of a daily routine. Although some effects are immediate, the long-lasting results come with perseverance. Applying CBD on your scars or irritated area prevents the oil production, hindering your scar from being pus-filled again. On the other hand, it diminishes the inflammation, so it does not look red or ache anymore. Plus, CBD enriches the healing effects of regular skincare products.

CBD works for any scarring process, not only for acne scars, so feel free to use it for any irritation or painful malaise on your dermis. However, when talking about scars and pain, you should speak to a doctor before using or consuming any product, especially in cases with severe symptoms of inflammation or infection. Make sure to speak to a professional to find the optimal alternative for you.


Best CBD Product for Acne

The best CBD products for acne are applied topically; hence, we will show you oils and balms that act locally on the desired areas of your skin. CBD products are not regulated, so it is not always easy to find a trustworthy vendor from whom to purchase them. Luckily for you, we make sure that experts verify the products we recommend.


Columbia Care PLATINUM Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Columbia Care is a medical cannabis provider in the USA that offers full-spectrum CBD products. Full-spectrum means that, besides CBD, this oil includes terpenes and other compounds in the hemp plant at the moment of the harvest; that way, you can enjoy enhanced benefits of CBD as close as in nature. Also, the potency of this oil is outstanding due to its 10% concentration. You can buy it online.

cbd oil for acne

CBD oil for Acne


Clarifying Skin | 200mg, 50ml

Acne can leave brownish marks and scars, so you might want a skin clarifying product to recover your previous appearance. This balm from CBD Vital will help you reduce inflammation and pain while supporting cell regeneration and making your skin less vulnerable to outdoor factors. It is available for you to buy it online for 20.00 GBP.


OTO CBD Night Face Cream | 1250mg, 50ml

The best time for your skin to recover is at night. Thus, a night face cream is one of the most effective ways to treat acne. OTO’s Night Face Cream is packed with essential oils such as Vitamin E, Pomegranate, Papaya, and Yuzu to enrich the effects of CBD. Apply before bed and help your skin recover naturally while you are sleeping. The following day, feel the silky texture that OTO CBD Night Face Cream provides to your skin. It is an absolute pleasure to use it.

cbd night cream

How to Use CBD for Acne

You can find CBD products in the form of vaping cartridges, edibles, tinctures, oils, balms, lotion, and some more. But the most effective way to use CBD for acne is in the form of skincare products like lotions, oils, and balms. When having acne, you seek a located effect on your skin, so ingested or vaped products will not give you the most effective outcomes to treat the symptoms of acne as topical products will do.

Now that you know what the best CBD product for acne is, optimal usage is a matter of dosage. When applied topically, no matter how much you use, CBD will not cause undesired secondary effects like couch lock due to sedation as when vaping or ingesting it. Still, using too much CBD will cause your skin not to absorb it all, and you will waste it. Apply your CBD product twice a day on the affected area in small quantities so your skin can absorb it.

The frequency and dosage of the application can vary depending on the severity of the case, but that is for the doctor to decide. Speak to a health professional about your dose of CBD for acne if you have the chance. Plus, remember to be patient and constant in your treatment to see the best results.