CBD has become a popular alternative form of both physical and mental therapy. Health and wellness advocates increasingly recommend CBD as a viable way to treat ailments, heal injuries, and relieve discomforting levels of pain.

One of the most common, and painful types of injuries are skin burns. Burn marks can be as insignificant as a small scar or as severe as a third-degree burn that blackens parts of the skin. In any event, one thing is consistent; they hurt, and they can take a long time to heal without proper therapy.

CBD has been known to support the body’s ability to manage pain and communicate to the brain how best to respond to that pain. Therefore, there’s a growing interest in testing if CBD could help the body heal from various types of burns so that people can get back to the ideal quality of life they experienced before the injury.


Is it effective to use CBD for burns?

CBD is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties that help desensitize the body when healing from illness or injury. This benefits not only the muscles and surface skin tissue but can even help protect the bones from degradation, an ailment that risks permanent damage to one’s overall quality of life.

For all of these reasons, it’s believed that CBD oils and creams could help soothe the harmful effects of first and second-degree burns. The terpenes within CBD oil dissolve when applied to the skin, absorbing themselves within the body’s skin and nerve cells to help recover from the unsightly burn.

However, the potential benefits of CBD for burns will not apply to severe third-degree burns. If you’ve suffered from a third-degree burn, seek medical attention immediately.


How to use CBD for burns

The best way to treat burned skin is to apply CBD cream for burns. Apply the lotion topically to the burned area of the skin and slowly massage the area until the body absorbs the CBD oil from the lotion. This will help jumpstart the healing process so that the burned area of the skin can recover to its pre-injured state.\

Once absorbed into the skin, the CBD oil interacts with specific nerve receptors that are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates our responses to pain or injury, providing direct two-way communication between the body’s nerve cells and the receptors in the brain that control how we feel about pain. The triggered receptors are impacted by the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, informing the brain to minimize the sensitivity of inflammation during the healing process.


The benefits of using CBD for burns

Many studies have indicated how CBD may be beneficial for several different skin conditions. Tests have shown that CBD can help control symptoms of adult acne, dry skin, ageing or wrinkles, and even small infections.

Many of these benefits for the skin are presumably similar when CBD is used to treat a small burn. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD will allow the skin to heal from a burn without succumbing to an infection. This will help prevent or, at the least, minimize a ghastly scar from forming over the burned area of the skin.

People take extra care to maintain the health and youthful appearance of their skin. CBD is one of the skincare remedies that can be used to protect the skin from damage caused by burns or other injuries.


What kind of CBD products can be used for burns?

As stated above, CBD creams for burns are a topical way to apply CBD therapy directly to a burned area of your skin. However, if you’re not one for creams or lotions, there are other products you can use that will have very similar effects.

CBD oils can be purchased in small bottles, and you can use a dropper to administer the oil into your body. Simply take a few drops and place them on the back of your tongue. When you swallow the oil, it will move from your digestive system into the endocannabinoid system and begin the work of helping your body recover from a burn.

You can also take CBD capsules if you prefer something similar to over the counter medication. These are soft gel capsules that contain CBD, and they’re very easy for the body to absorb. CBD capsules are also a great form of therapy if you’re active and on the go more often than not.


The side effects of using CBD for burns

To date, no studies have shown any serious harmful side effects from taking CBD oil. For those that do experience side effects from the treatment, the symptoms are often limited to things like dry mouth or fatigue.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that there is a chance CBD could negate the effects of any medication you may be taking for certain conditions. If you are currently medicated and are considering taking CBD oil, you’ll want to consult your primary doctor about your plans. Your doctor will have more insight into your medical history and can provide recommendations on whether CBD is in your best interests.