CBD and the CoronaVirus

How Coronavirus Changed Buying CBD Online

When Coronavirus cases (Covid-19) first broke out in China, France, Italy, and the USA, we had no idea it would lead to the types of changes we’ve seen throughout our modern-day world. From buying hemp oil online to the types of CBD oil customers are asking about, everything has changed but how? A new emphasis has been reborn in how we can build and strengthen our immune system. What is hemp? What is hemp oil? How does CBD Oil affect the Immune System? What are the different benefits of hemp cream, hemp hearts, hemp flower, hemp protein, or hemp seed oil? Overall what are the benefits and how does this make sense? In this article, we break down all the above and why Coronavirus has changed our modern-day purchasing patterns for buying CBD online.

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The first of many reasons

People are now buying CBD online vs in-store, so everything from how the customer experience takes place, to the speed at which it’s accessed has changed. In store often results in excellent customer satisfaction from great “bud tenders” and depending on the country you’re in, nice kiosks, store fronts, and all-around enjoyable experiences.

That isn’t the case anymore and the majority of dispensaries are only open for curbside pickup, which relates to CBD. Many US states have eliminated adult-use and limited their pick-ups to medical only, through curb-side as well.

The majority of CBD will now be sold in supermarkets across the states and major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Whole Foods, with specialty drug stores and health food stores carrying products on shelves, but unable to open.

The majority of CBD sold in European countries like Greece are still done through brick and mortar, like these CBD vending machines but again, this is challenging during the pandemic and global lockdown.

Direct to consumer companies such as Endoca, CBD MD, Vital CBD and CannabiGold in Europe are great ways to buy products online, but they’re limited to their own brands and own products.

Companies like Elements of Green are doing a great job of creating online market places for direct to consumer CBD options filled with hundreds of brands, and that’s where customers see a lot of value moving forward in buying CBD online.

Elements of Green has also taken a lot of the guesswork out of selecting the best Hemp and CBD products for consumers, providing only products that can be trusted, from premium Hemp/ CBD brands and suppliers.

The Second Reason isn’t as obvious

How CBD helps with the Corona Virus

Without the standard trusted sources for education that take place at dispensaries, and CBD shops, people have turned to experts online like the US Hemp Round Table, Youtube reviews, Doctors, other education sites like TMCI Global and online CBD marketplaces like Elements of Green. Their education is an entirely new experience, and an interesting one at that. Additionally, the numbers of CBD sales across America especially have skyrocketed in the lockdown and companies like the CDC have urged people to stock up on cannabis and hemp-related products.

The types of hemp and hemp CBD products people are buying have completely changed! With the coronavirus attacking the central respiratory system, it’s important to continually strengthen the overall immune system to protect against the deadly virus. What customers have started doing is stocking up on CBD products with immune-boosting qualities. Essential Health wrote a great article on the specific effects of CBD on the body’s immue system where they break down each and every aspect of the CBD on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The Third Reason

CBD oil and the coronavirus

While CBD reduces inflammation, which is a natural response to the body fighting coronavirus, there are other benefits Such as

On CBDClinicals.com they point out how CBD on its own can help boost the immune system, with more information here:

  • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response. Inflammation is a vital response that isolates infected areas and prevents toxins from spreading.
  • CBD can promote apoptosis, or cellular death
  • CBD cab prevent proliferation, or rapid cellular growth
  • CBD can modulate or suppress the function and secretion of cytokines. Cytokines are large groups of proteins, secreted by specific cells in your immune system.  Their function is to signal molecules that regulate your body’s immunity, inflammation, and white blood cell production.
  • CBD can also suppress the production of chemokine, which is a group of cytokines that act as chemoattractants.  They lead immune cells to an infection site so that the white blood cells can attack and destroy invading microbes.
  • CBD can suppress T-cell production and function, ultimately suppressing the immune system’s ability to remember foreign invaders.

Companies all across the board are adding things to their CBD products like MCT oil and Omega 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s that help boost immune support as well. See Joy Organics here, or HempFusion’s 20 MG CBD droppers here, that include far more than just CBD oil. These droppers have Omegas, MCT’s, phytocannabinoids and even betacaryophyllene’s, not to mention 1000x more terpenes.

An Infographic showing the Key Ingredients.

Can CBD help boost the immune system, and if so, how?

  • Research has demonstrated that cannabinoids like cannabidiol, can interfere with the release of cytokine. Cytokines are proteins involved in acute and chronic inflammation.
  • CBD may play an integral role in managing autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis(MS), HIV/AIDS, and Parkinson’s disease. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by an immune system overreacting to non-threatening internal events, leading it to attach healthy cells in the body.
  • Data from a review published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research in 2020 overwhelmingly support the concept that CBD is immunosuppressive(suppresses immune response).
  • Cannabis is known to be immune-modulating, which means it can bring an over- or under-reacting immune system back into balance. However, the difference between CBD’s “immune-modulating” and “immune-boosting” characteristics is still not well-understood.
  • More longitudinal studies are needed to fully comprehend the impact of CBD oil on the immune system. Before using CBD to boost immunity, consult with a doctor or experienced in cannabis use.

CBD oil, Hemp plant, CBD Bennefit

Focusing your purchasing power towards active ingredients, compounds inside CBD oil, and utilizing a full spectrum or at the very least broad-spectrum CBD oil will help boost your immunity and fight any potential harmful virus’s or bacteria.

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While companies are innovating around the world, creating incredible CBD products, and threats like the coronavirus change our buying patterns for not only CBD online, but everything online, we must bond together, adapt, and focus our efforts on whole health.

More than just CBD is an important tag line for the broader message of body, health, and mind. Just as important as more than simply CBD isolate is, is a whole health routine that keeps your body active, moving, and safe in the fight against Coronavirus.