When women reach a certain age, their bodies undergo a natural transition known as menopause. It marks a significant change of life and is identifiable by several distinguished symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, sleep apnea, and loss of bone density.

While there are some remedies women can take to ease the symptoms of menopause, many health and wellness advocates promote CBD oil for menopausal women. CBD oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help regulate how the body responds to physical pain, mental afflictions, and external stimuli that can influence mood.

So what should women know about using CBD oil for menopause, and what are the side effects (if any) that could impact their overall quality of life? Here is a brief dive into some of those questions with some helpful answers so you can make educated decisions about your own life.


Will CBD oil help with menopause symptoms?

CBD oil can naturally interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a complex series of neurotransmitters and receptors that control the body’s response to pain and stimuli that influence mood. Endocannabinoids are produced organically by the body, but those receptors can sometimes become dormant with age or compromised immune systems.

CBD triggers specific receptors in the endocannabinoid system known as CB1 and CB2. Once attached to those receptors, CBD helps regulate the signals that connect those receptors with the body’s nerves and how they communicate with the brain. This is what manages responses to injury or inflammation, allowing the body to heal in a desensitized way.

Menopause is believed to disrupt the endocannabinoid system, which could trigger many of the symptoms and discomfort associated with menopause. CBD could substitute for a diminished system and help the body maintain strong control over those symptoms.


What type of CBD for menopause is best?

It’s important to know that any product you take to improve your health is an organic product that promotes greater health and wellness. You need to know that the CBD products you buy come from a trusted source with high standards to ensure only quality products are ever sold to willing buyers.

There are more clinical trials that must be undertaken to prove if CBD can be an effective form of treatment for women living with menopause. To date, the only FDA approved CBD product is Epidiolex, which received a seal of approval as a viable treatment for rare forms of epilepsy. CBD is also known to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, but there are no conclusive studies that prove CBD will treat symptoms like hot flashes or mood swings.


How to choose the best CBD for menopause

What is conclusive is that CBD does help the body and the mind relax in response to stressful situations, and it does so without causing the psychoactive high associated with marijuana use. Instead, CBD eases pain, calms troubling thoughts, and helps alleviate discomfort.

When taking CBD oil to improve your health and wellness, there are several options on the table. You can take standard CBD oils and apply a few drops to the back of your tongue so that you can swallow the remedy. You can also add those same drops into your drink of choice and stir the contents into your beverage. Then, you can leisurely sip the CBD oil into your body and let it start interacting with your endocannabinoid system.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you can take CBD gummies for the experience. Natural gummy treats are infused with CBD oil to give you a stimulating experience for the taste buds and your cell receptors.


How to use CBD oil for menopause

Regular doses of CBD have been able to calm the mind and prevent the types of thoughts that trigger feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is a common symptom for people who suffer from sleep disruptions and mood disorders, which are also common signs of menopause.

Pure CBD oil purchased from trusted providers appears to be safe and effective for people who suffer from anxious thoughts. Taken as part of a daily habit, CBD can help control the effects of menopause and allow you to live a more comfortable life during this transitional phase.


Safety and side effects of CBD oil for menopause

There are very few risks or side effects of CBD oil for people in good health. In some circumstances, people may experience symptoms like dry mouth or fatigue that would suggest a dosage is too high. If you do experience any of these symptoms, speak with your doctor to discuss your best options moving forward.

Similarly, if you’re taking medications for other conditions, there is a chance that CBD oil may interfere with how those medications impact your body. Again, if you notice any possible signs that compromise your health, speak to your doctor.

It’s even best to consult your doctor before you start taking CBD oil for menopause to get their advice on the optimal dosage and even the type of product to consume. Your doctor will know details about your medical history that could inform how you react to CBD products. This way, you increase the likelihood that you can take CBD oil for menopause and still live a happy and fulfilling quality of life.