CBD oil is present in a wide range of cannabis experiences when making and eating edibles, having fun with a good massage, or using it as a healthcare topic to treat physical and mental malaise. All of it involves the properties of terpenes, and most importantly, the cannabinoid. 

It is not always true that more is better. Everything has its adequate proportions, and when talking about CBD, the dosage determines your experience.

How to Take CBD Oil

The potency of cannabinoids depends on the strain, but there are factors in your body that influence how much it affects you, like your body weight, your body chemistry and if you are treating any condition. For this reason, you should talk to a doctor before using CBD to know the best dosage depending on your particular bodily factors, especially if you are treating a condition or if you are a prescription medical user.

Suppose it is not possible to talk to a doctor. In that case, start using small amounts of CBD. Take 12mg a day, splitting the daily dose in three, one-third for each meal. Increase the daily dosage by 6mg every week (2mg more per meal), so if you consume 12mg per day the first week, the next week you consume 18mg per day, and the following week would be 24mg of CBD per day. Keep increasing until you notice that your CBD dosing is effectively treating your symptoms.

Keep track of your consumption and how you feel with each amount of CBD. Hence, you know how the evolution of your consumption impacts your body and mind, depending on the levels of cannabinoids in your body, the frequency of consumption, the time of the day, and whatever you think is essential to have in mind. This practice increases the quality and pleasure of your experience and the knowledge about your body and healthcare.

How to Use CBD Oil 

There are many consumption methods when it comes to CBD oil. However, you should always pick the best for you, depending on your preferences and needs.

You can try CBD oil in its liquid form, capsules, pastes, sprays, creams, salves, and for e-cigarettes; serve yourself. When choosing how to use CBD oil, what is important is the optimal dosage for you and the purpose. 

On the one hand, CBD gummies are excellent treats to have at home, and you can also make them yourself or just buy them. Each gummy has the exact CBD dosage, and if you make them yourself, you decide how much they will have, making it easy for you to know how much CBD oil you are consuming. Moreover, they are tasty and easier to take if you are not a fan of healthy snacks. Don’t forget about the vast options of edibles at hand, like coffee or even chicken wings.

On the other hand, CBD capsules are the best form of CBD oil to know how much you are consuming. Just make sure that the CBD concentration of the capsule is within the range of your optimal dosage. For example, if your optimal dosage is between 20mg to 30mg per day, you can buy a bottle of 25mg or 30mg capsules. If you are a prescription medical user or not a fan of edibles, this is a safe and easy way to ensure you get your daily dosage of CBD.

Another way of using CBD oil is by using it topically for a pleasant massage. Although this is more of recreational usage, it sure is effective to fight any physical and mental ache. The effects are less potent than ingesting or smoking CBD, but you will feel relaxed and in the best mood. Moreover, CBD oil also serves as a skincare product, and the cannabinoid plus the massage companion help increase your libido.

CBD Dosage Chart

If you are treating a condition, the dosage depends on the symptoms and their severity. Luckily, some online charts show the amount of CBD to use daily depending on the condition and the severity of the symptoms. You can also use a calculator that recommends a starting daily dosage of CBD depending on your weight and purpose to use CBD and how you can increase that dosage week by week until achieving the desired effects.

Still, do not forget the best way to determine the optimal dosage for you is to talk to a doctor who guides you in the evolution of your dosage. After all, weight, age, and other factors might need health expertise to evaluate. Hence, the chart and calculator are only helpful tools that propose an estimated dosage but might not be your best guides to know the effects of CBD on your body.

CBD Benefits for Weight Loss

One of the health benefits of CBD seems to be weight loss. For instance, CBD influences the regulation of feeding behaviour. When interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD may boost metabolism, making your body burn calories easier and reduce food intake in small doses, but increase appetite when used in high dosage. Although the research is on mice, clinical trials on anorexia have similar results.

Another promising property of CBD on weight loss is the ability to transform white fat into brown fat. The difference between fats is that white fat is associated with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases when accumulated in excess. However, CBD aids the process of turning white fat into brown fat, which burns calories. This conversion also happens when doing exercise and getting adequate sleep. Still, more research is needed.

How Much CBD for Pain

Usually, the CBD dosage for reducing pain goes from 2.5mg to 20mg when consumed orally. This range represents a moderate amount and works fine to reduce mild and medium pain. Still, if you have a significant body mass or severe pain, the dose you require might be higher. In any case, certainty resides in the science and expertise of doctors, and if you can not talk to a doctor, try the advice we gave you earlier in this article.

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

CBD has proven to relieve generalized anxiety and stress during research using a single dose of 300mg 90 minutes before speaking in public. The reports of users who take CBD to fight agitation, increased heart rate, tense muscles, and panic attacks support these results.

Anxiety happens to everyone at some point in life due to stressful situations, but for some people, it is a condition that makes them unable to live their lives and be functional. Luckily, the right CBD oil dosage for anxiety can help.

CBD is helpful to get rid of the inhibitions that cause social anxiety, and contrary to other substances that have similar effects, CBD keeps your mind clear and functional. For instance, Social Anxiety Disorder is a form of anxiety that research has shown can be temporarily treated by a single 400mg dose in adults. Another literature review indicates that PTSD patients can use a daily dosage of 12mg to 25mg of CBD oil in children and 32 mg in adults.

If you want to use cannabis for anxiety, read more about our take on CBD for depression and anxiety to learn the basics about this cannabinoid’s relationship with these conditions.

Final Thoughts

Although cannabinoids are still socially stigmatized due to decades of legal prohibition of cannabis, the slow legalization process has opened the gates to do more research on cannabinoids, especially on CBD, now that hemp is legal. The science and experience of users have proven that CBD has fantastic potential in medicine, recreation, and daily life. CBD oil is one of the forms you can enjoy of the benefits of this cannabinoid.

Of course, saying that something is good does not mean you can have all you can from it. CBD is not like drinking water and is still a substance under research to know the full spectrum of its effects on humans. Hence, self-care and responsibility are necessary to enjoy the best of CBD oil and all forms of cannabinoids. Be a wise user and keep learning.