Your body collects all of the tension, anxiety, and stress you go through every day, which can make you feel heavier, affect your posture, and hurt your muscles. That is why massages are essential, and they are not a luxury as many people paint them to be. Massages are one of the first forms of therapy, and you can find them pretty much anywhere nowadays, like clinics, gyms, hospitals, businesses, and of course, spas.

Full body massages are one of the many different and most accessible types of massages. They are the most common ones people go for when they need to relax and unwind. Body massages focus on specific pressure points in our body that allow it to release all the stress in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments through different techniques.

Nowadays, many massage therapists use CBD massage oils to reduce the friction on the skin and provide better pain relief and calming sensation. In this article, we will talk about CBD Massage Oil Benefits and the best products to use.


Oil Massage Full Body Benefits

Suppose you have not had the opportunity to get a full-body oil massage. In that case, we highly recommend you try one, as the amount of benefits they have over your body and overall health is unbelievable. CBD massages can improve not only your physical but your mental condition as well. CBD Massage Oil Benefits are numerous.


Relieves Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a severe problem, and it refers to pain that persists for more than twelve weeks straight. Individuals who suffer from it can benefit immensely from oil massages due to its properties to relieve muscle stiffness, injuries, and chronic health conditions. 

Massages can ease pain related to intense fatigue, joint rigidity, headaches, sleep alterations, and muscle spasms. Many people get them to help them release pain and stress, and when you pair it with CBD, its pain relief properties take the stage to bring you peace.


Improves Circulation

One of the long-term benefits of massages is that your blood and lymph flow improves and helps speed up the recovery of injured muscles and organs to achieve faster healing. 


Relieving Lower Back Pain

Many people around the globe experience lower back pain and do not take it seriously until it worsens. This kind of pain can cause you pain and make you miss some days at work, but most importantly, it can lead to a disability. However, a massage therapist can help you determine the cause of your pain and treat it with a massage. Additionally, they can tell you how to avoid it. 


Improves Posture

One of the primary causes of muscle, neck, and back pain is having a bad posture. A CBD massage oil can help you regain a natural and healthier posture so you do not put more pressure and stress on your neck and back.


Headache Relief

There are various reasons why you may often suffer from headaches which can lead to migraines. On the one hand, having too much tension accumulated on your neck, shoulders, and head can trigger headaches. On the other hand, lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits can worsen headaches and migraines. 

With the right massage, you can release tension and feel at ease, allowing your body to relax and give your head some rest.


Calming Properties

A significant part of our daily stress -if not all of it- is because of work and having a busy schedule that leaves no time for you to rest and unwind. Massages can increase serotonin levels in the body, and because serotonin is a mood stabilizer, it can reduce depression and anxiety symptoms.


CBD Massage Oil Effects

When using CBD oil in massages, the skin gradually absorbs the CBD thanks to the professional’s movements and rubbing, allowing a slow but efficient oil intake. On top of that, CBD contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help the body muscles relax and ease pain-like soreness.

The CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin, bypassing the digestive system, which, combined with the massage movements, maximizes the CBD effects and brings relief to areas where the pain is located. Moreover, the effects provided by CBD oil during a massage can also soothe mental health disorders symptoms such as anxiety or depression. 


CBD Massage Oil for Pain

Many people enjoy the comfort that massages create, but a massage is not only applying CBD oil and pressing wherever it hurts in your back. In reality, massages are about pressing, rubbing, and manipulating tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even skin. 

Because our body is so complex, many different styles of massages have surged throughout the years to achieve specific results. Some examples of types of massages are:


Deep Massage

This type of massage is mainly used to treat muscle damage from injuries. For that reason, this type of massage is trendy among athletes and other sports players.


Swedish Massage

This massage is more gentle, and it commonly uses deep, circular movements, vibration, and long strokes to relax the patient.


Trigger Point Massage

If you suffer from overuse or have had injuries, then this type of massage is perfect for you as it only focuses on regions of your muscles in which fibers form.


Sports Massage

Like the first one, the sports massage helps prevent or treat injuries in athletes and other sports players.


How to Make CBD Massage Oil

Some people like to make CBD massage oil, and it is a very easy process. It is understandable as many people want to know all of the ingredients used for the product and the amount of CBD. Besides, it gives you full access to the potency of the final result, so you can make it higher or lower according to your preferences or conditions to treat.

Cannabis oils are made by extracting various cannabinoids like CBD or THC from the cannabis plant. These elements then undergo a process called decarboxylation, where they heat them to activate their properties. Once you get the cannabinoids ready, you infuse them with a carrier oil as they are better absorbed with fat. You can use coconut oil or hemp seed oil to make CBD massage oil.

First, you need to decide what ingredients you will use to make your CBD massage oil. Because we know it is not easy to get your hands on cannabis flowers in some areas, you can choose between using cannabis flowers or CBD oil or concentrates. Both will work just fine.

First, you will decarboxylate the CBD flower by baking it in the oven at 240° for 90 minutes. Once it decarbonates, place the CBD flower in a mason jar with some concentrate and put it into a bath of warm water to infuse for four hours. Then, once it cools down, strain the solution, let it sit, and store it in the refrigerator.


Best CBD Massage Oil


CBD Bundle

Are you an athlete, and taking care of yourself is your top priority? In that case, this CBD athlete bundle is for you. It includes CBD oil and a Freeze Pain Relief Roller. You can use the CBD oil before your usual workout routine and after you have finished, use the Freeze Roller to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle soreness.

cbd oil massage

CBD Massage Oil

With a broad spectrum of CBD and a natural blend of extracts, the VAAY CBD skin & massage oil will not only bring relief to your soreness but also provide relaxation to your mind thanks to the sweet ginger and jojoba oil formula.