As time goes by, we have learned more about the medical properties of cannabinoids, especially those of the now-legal CBD. While researchers do a great job finding new beneficial impacts of CBD on our organism, questions emerge on how to take advantage of them. For example, can you use CBD for surgery recovery? We think it is worth a conversation.

This cannabinoid is a well-known painkiller and an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Besides, CBD can reduce the typical anxiety of a surgical procedure and recovery. Still, there are restrictions to its use indicated by the surgeons that we must abide by carefully. Let’s see what to do and not to do with CBD for surgery recovery.


CBD for Surgery Recovery

CBD has a wide range of therapeutic effects that make it easy to think they can alleviate symptoms of surgery recovery, which put you to bed and restrain your capability of giving a regular course to life. Besides, it is not only about pain and inflammation but the discomfort to sleep and the emotional impact of taking medication, the waiting, and the lack of sleep.

Although this cannabinoid is a well-known relief for chronic pain and an excellent way to reduce anxiety, we are still unsure how it interacts with the medication doctors send for surgery recovery. It is not safe to use CBD as a substitute for traditional medication, but it can be a supporting feature under proper conditions.

Hence, we need more research on CBD for surgery recovery to make sure you do not experience harmful side effects during the delicate recovery process and how to use it to have the best possible recovery due to the medical benefits of cannabinoids.


CBD Before Surgery


The idea of going through surgery is intimidating. It can make you anxious, so logically we wonder if we can use CBD to alleviate anxiety as it is an effective way to do so. We can say that smoking before surgery, whether it is cannabis or nicotine, leads to respiratory distress, which can interfere with the effectiveness of anesthesia. Surely you do not want that to happen.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to smoking, like CBD oils and edibles, so that you can avoid respiratory distress. These are safer forms to use CBD before surgery, but make sure you do not consume them if your surgeon states so.


CBD for Pain After Surgery


CBD is awesome when reducing pain and inflammation, which are significant issues in surgery recovery times. If you are an active person, the restriction of physical activity has an emotional impact, or maybe recovery is not going as fast or successfully as you expected. Those setbacks can cause anxiety, and CBD oils and edibles can help you make things more manageable.

Another benefit is that CBD helps you sleep better. The pain caused by surgery is undoubtedly an impediment to sleep well, and your body needs to rest to gain and focus energy on healing. 

Still, there is a time after surgery in which you must not consume certain kinds of food and substances, including CBD, so ask your surgeon and respect the limits for the sake of your recovery and well-being. Keep in mind that the idea of using CBD for surgery recovery is to make things better.

Besides, you should be careful as CBD has effects that may not suit a recovery, like increasing fatigue and suppressing your appetite. You certainly need to eat properly to recover and feel more energy, so make sure you don’t overuse CBD for pain after surgery.


Effects of CBD Before and After:



Going under Magnetic Resonance Imaging is necessary to identify brain wave patterns that could affect the incoming surgery, but seizures are a common undesired side effect; here, CBD takes the stage. According to research, CBD doses between 15mg and 25 mg administered before and after an MRI prevent seizures events, including those of epilepsy.



The regular use of cannabis does not affect the surgery procedure further than increasing the dose of anesthesia due to the development of tolerance to sedation, so you have the most painless experience possible. But, it is crucial not to smoke and especially not to eat edibles the day of the surgery. 

Cannabinoids increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. During surgery, in a reduced patient population, these effects cause a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle, commonly known as a heart attack. Moreover, edibles can increase the risk of food getting inhaled into your lungs, causing severe complications. 


Tooth Extraction

Knowing that your tooth extraction is coming certainly causes anxiety. Luckily, it is a common phobia that a small dose of CBD oil can treat. Using controlled quantities of CBD oil the night before and the morning of tooth extraction allows you to sleep well and reduce anxiety about the procedure, making it easier for you and the dentist.



Chemotherapy has several side effects, and prescribed medication might be insufficient to alleviate the challenging moment it causes. CBD is a proven friend of patients going under Chemotherapy to relieve the stress, neuropathic pain, and inflammation caused by the procedure. Furthermore, according to a 2014 study, CBD can potentiate the treatment while reducing the discomfort produced by side effects.

Final Thoughts

CBD has proven to be a life-changing agent for medical patients who suffer chronic pain, mood swings, and insomnia. Its legalization promises an increasing extent of the medical benefits it provides. This cannabinoid is effective when going through stressful and physically painful situations like surgery and its recovery, but some limits prevent CBD usage from being harmful.

Minor procedures like a tooth extraction allow you to use CBD to reduce anxiety, but when expecting surgery, you must not use cannabinoids as they cause complications during the procedure. In any case, always be open and honest to your physician regarding cannabis use so that they can take care of your health by having proper knowledge of your body and habits.