CBD can alleviate pain and reduce inflammation throughout the body. It’s one of the underlying benefits of CBD, and why so many advocates in the health and wellness space champion CBD as a healthy remedy to improve one’s quality of life.

When you take a dose of CBD oil, the compounds within that oil align with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a regulatory body that connects nerves and cells with the brain. Signals are transmitted from the brain to receptors in the body that regulate how you respond to pain or injury.

The body naturally produces endocannabinoids, but that productivity can diminish over time. In these instances, CBD can substitute for these naturally occurring compounds, helping the endocannabinoid system remain fully functional and effective at managing pain or discomfort.

Given all of those hard facts about how CBD works, is it possible that CBD can be effective for menstrual cramps? Can CBD provide pain relief during menstrual cycles? In this guide, we’ll help you answer those questions so you can make the best possible decisions with your health.


What are the benefits of using CBD for menstrual cramps?

While more clinical studies are needed to validate CBD’s effectiveness in treating menstrual cramps, it has been proven to reduce physical pain and minimize the effects of inflammation throughout the body.

One promising field of research from 2019 suggests that CBD is a popular choice for women suffering from menstrual cramps. Participants were asked to rate the most effective remedy to reduce their menstrual pain and symptoms caused by a condition known as endometriosis. The options were listed as follows:

  • CBD oil
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Other remedies
  • Other physical interventions

The women self-rated each option, and the majority of respondents said CBD oil was the most effective remedy to reduce their pain. CBD was also found to lessen the painful effects of period-related cramping and uncomfortable symptoms associated with periods, including headaches and tightness in the joints.


Safety and side effects of CBD for menstrual cramps

CBD doesn’t cause underlying risks to your health and rarely causes any side effects from regular doses. People with compromised immune systems or who take medications for other illnesses may notice an effect on how their bodies respond to CBD oil. If you are taking any medication or have underlying health issues, it’s best to speak with your primary doctor about your plans so that you can receive the best medical advice on how to proceed.

For people who do consume CBD oil on the regular, the only side effects to watch out for are things like changes to your appetite, fluctuations in your body weight, and potentially extreme fatigue or drowsiness. If you notice any of these side effects, consult with your doctor about what you should do.


How to choose CBD for menstrual cramps

It’s important to select CBD from trusted providers who ensure all CBD products live up to the expected standards of consumers. Many companies may claim to sell CBD, but some of those items may contain additional stimulants that compromise the natural integrity of CBD oil. The right company will promote quality products that are extracted directly from marijuana or hemp plants and processed into consumable products to help relieve your pain.

You can also do your research about how CBD relieves pain and provides other benefits to improve your quality of life. Familiarize yourself with what your body can expect when taking regular doses of CBD and you can prepare to test the effectiveness of using CBD for menstrual cramps.

Also, speak with your doctor about the optimal dosage to begin testing CBD for menstrual cramps. Some people take as little as 5 mg of CBD oil per day, while others may take upwards of 150 mg per day. It all depends on your body type, your immune system, and your overall level of health. Your doctor will have greater insight into what’s best for your unique circumstances so gathering their advice will help you make a more informed decision on how to choose CBD oil for your menstrual cramps.


5 ways to try CBD for menstrual cramps

Once you do select a CBD product, what’s the best way to try it out and get it into your system? Here are a few easy ways to try CBD and test its effects on your body.


Adding drops to your drink

This is one of the easiest ways to get CBD into your system. Simply purchase a bottle of CBD oil and apply a few drops into your coffee, tea, water, or beverage of choice. Stir the droplets into your drink and then sip away to let your body ingest the remedy into your system.


In a warm bath

This is another easy way to get CBD into your body. You can buy CBD balms to drop into a hot bath so that the water dissolves the balm by the time you get into the tub. CBD can be naturally absorbed by the skin and soaking in a CBD-infused bath will do just that.


Applied topically

CBD can also be absorbed by the skin, which is why it’s commonly made available in various creams or lotions. Simply apply a small dab of lotion onto your skin in areas where your body is most sensitive to pain. The lotion will slowly absorb into your skin and the cannabinoids within the oil will get to work on relieving your pain.


Edible gummies

You don’t have to just drink droplets of CBD oil; you can have a nice snack while you treat yourself. CBD edibles are a tasty way to treat your pain, and you can feel your body relax after a small amount of sweetness enters your body.


Vape away

Vaping has become very popular in recent years, and it works just as well when consuming CBD. Simply purchase a CBD vape with CBD vaping juice and find the best time to put it to good work for your body.