There are still many mysteries surrounding our brain and its functions. Many ailments related to this organ and its health still need studies for doctors to find efficient treatments for patients.

We learned that patients could use CBD for seizures in recent years, sparking a conversation about CBD and how it could help our brain. This time, we have come to you with some important information about CBD’S effects on the brain and how you can use cannabis to improve brain health.

CBD Effects on the brain

CBD binds to receptors located in the endocannabinoid system, CB1, and CB2. However, this will most likely happen with full-spectrum CBD since it contains all of the plant’s compounds along with small traces of THC. On the contrary, pure CBD extract doesn’t bind strongly to these receptors, unlike THC. Instead, its effects display upon binding to receptors such as serotonin, helping the brain control pain, mood, and sleep.

But it doesn’t end here. In fact, CBD’s effects on the brain go beyond the regulation of these basic yet crucial functions. Thanks to the studies developed on Epidiolex, the only CBD drug approved to treat epilepsy, we know much more about how CBD works in the brain.

According to several studies, the movement of sodium in and out of cells is abnormal in epilepsy, causing the brain cells to fire inappropriately and leading to seizures. Surprisingly, CBD showed it could inhibit this abnormal flow of sodium, reducing and minimizing seizures.

CBD and Epilepsy

As we previously mentioned, one of the many benefits of CBD relates to the treatment of epilepsy. As we already mentioned, this cannabinoid inhibits the problematic movement of sodium in the cells, controlling seizures.

Nowadays, the only CBD-based epilepsy medication approved by several governments is Epidiolex, which treats Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Because children and teenagers are the ones who typically suffer from these conditions, we should also highlight that CBD doesn’t represent a threat to this population, making it a safe, natural treatment for some conditions.

Nevertheless, don’t rush to your nearest CBD shop and get CBD oil to treat epilepsy. A 2020 study compared the CBD effects on the brain when it came from artisanal manufacturers with those of pharmaceutical-grade CBD. The results showed that individuals who took store-bought CBD had a 70% increase in seizures, while those taking prescription CBD saw a 39% reduction in this condition.

Moreover, you need to make sure you carefully plan the intake of CBD oil for epilepsy if you don’t want to use Epidiolex. There is a chance that CBD causes side effects, worsening your condition.

CBD Oil Multiple Sclerosis

Curiously enough, the same company that makes Epidiolex also has a CBD-based drug to treat multiple sclerosis, which you can also use in the United Kingdom. This challenging condition has several symptoms that reduce the patients’ quality of life, such as fatigue, pain, and nerve-related pain. 

A woman's spinal cord showing the affects of Multiple Sclerosis.

A woman’s spinal cord showing the affects of Multiple Sclerosis.

Fortunately, using CBD oil for multiple sclerosis has helped patients reduce pain and inflammation, making it easier for individuals to treat their condition more safely as an alternative to opioids and other habit-forming drugs.

Because of these properties, the National MS Society advocates for the legalization of cannabis to increase the amount of research conducted on this plant. So far, only Sativex, a THC and CBD spray for multiple sclerosis, is legal in the UK, but only patients suffering from severe symptoms can use it as a treatment.

Does CBD Help Parkinson’s

Antioxidants stabilize the creation of free radicals, ensuring they don’t harm the DNA in our cells. Nevertheless, when we don’t produce enough antioxidants, the waste products steal DNA particles. As a result, some individuals develop conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and atherosclerosis.

CBD can help Parkinson’s by binding to the CB2 receptors, decreasing the level of oxidative damage. Moreover, CBD contains neuroprotective properties similar to that of vitamins C and E. In addition, CBD is known for helping people sleep better, decreasing psychotic symptoms and pain, symptoms often related to Parkinson’s.

However, we still need more long-term studies to prove whether CBD helps Parkinson’s. For now, patients can talk to their doctor and discuss the impact of CBD effects on the brain to accompany their current treatment.

Which CBD is Best for Alzheimer’s

Although there’s no evidence to show that CBD oil can stop or reverse dementia, some studies suggest this compound could help manage some behavioural symptoms of this condition, such as agitation and aggression.

One of the most important discoveries of CBD for Alzheimer’s disease is that this compound, along with THC, seems to remove the build-up of clumps of a protein called amyloid. Moreover, another study that gave both THC and CBD oil to mice showed an improvement in learning.

Nevertheless, we still have to wait for more research to show us CBD’s effects on the brain and how it could help people who have Alzheimer’s. As of now, doctors can only rely on the anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects of Cannabidiol, although researchers use high concentrations of CBD oil that may be hard to buy.

Luckily for you, you can still benefit from the effects of CBD oil to improve brain health. Elements of Green has a careful selection of high-quality products that will definitely enhance your quality of life. If you want to know which CBD is best for Alzheimer’s, we think you could complement your treatment with the following products:

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  • fourfive CBD Oil: King’s College London is researching to know whether people could use a mouth spray containing cannabinoids to reduce symptoms of agitation and aggression in Alzheimer’s disease. Thinking of that, this 1000 mg CBD oil comes in a spray bottle that may make it easier for patients to dose their CBD intake. This product is vegan, organic, and portable, making it convenient for you to carry around anywhere.

Although these are third-party tested products, we still recommend you talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to use CBD for any of the conditions mentioned in this article. CBD can be a natural treatment, but it may hinder the effects of your current medication.