Exercise is very important for both physical and mental health. Experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend that each individual strive for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life.

Sometimes, we can overexert ourselves by pushing too hard with our exercise routines. This can cause onset muscle soreness and even arterial damage to the muscles themselves if we don’t allow our bodies to recover. These damaged muscles, over time, can significantly diminish the quality of life through intense pain and discomfort.

A growing number of health and wellness advocates believe that CBD oil could help ward off exercise fatigue and help the muscles recover from strenuous activity. So is there a healthy relationship between CBD and exercise, and what should you know about how to use CBD for physical therapy? Let’s dive into those questions and come up with some answers.

What are the benefits of CBD and exercise?

CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the body from intense pain and overly sensitive inflammation. These properties can prevent or lessen the effects of inflammation, allowing you to maintain a higher quality of life that will support greater physical endurance as well as mental acuity.

For these reasons, many athletes understand the supportive relationship between CBD and exercise. Nico Airone is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who is one of the millions of people using CBD to support their exercise regimens. In a wide-ranging interview, Nico describes how CBD has improved his own physical activity and how he describes his journey with the compound in a series of articles published in Men’s Health.

I’ve been recommending CBD for quite some time in my customised supplement protocols mainly for sleep and anti-stress reasons. Interestingly though, it can also be used to stimulate and activate as the cannabinoid receptors change over the day. That’s probably the most interesting and underemphasized aspect for me.


How to use CBD for exercise

Many athletes, including Nico, prefer a straightforward method of CBD therapy. This involves purchasing a bottle of CBD oil and using the corresponding dropper to orally administer the treatment.

You can use the dropper to acquire a few droplets of CBD oil and place them on the back of your tongue so that you can swallow the oil into your body. If you’d prefer a more subtle way to administer the treatment, you can instead add those droplets into a drink of your choice and slowly sip the oil into your body. Either form of therapy is an acceptable way to reap the benefits of the relationship between CBD and exercise.


CBD and exercise: what to consider

While it’s important to get as much exercise as possible, you also need to give your body ample time to recover from intense workouts. Far too often, people will overexert themselves and not provide their bodies with enough time to recover from their exercise routines, potentially resulting in greater wear and tear that could disrupt workout routines.

This is a lesson that even professional athletes have to remind themselves of at times. A case in point is professional rugby player, Jamie MacKenzie who, in a detailed interview, describes what he believes to be the biggest injury he suffered over the course of his career. He says, looking back on his recovery, he wishes he had known more about the positive relationship between CBD and exercise to help progress his recovery.

Looking back, I also would have added CBD products to my recovery protocol. Even if a product only makes a 1%-2% difference, it’s worth it at the highest level. Any advantage you can get over the competition is huge. That’s why CBD products are a no brainer for me.


What athletes should know about CBD and exercise

Many athletes are on the record in stating that they use CBD to help recover from when they play a game or participate in an event in addition to their regular exercise routines. Two of the UFC’s biggest fighters, Yair Rodriguez and Nate Diaz, freely admit that they use CBD to help ease their recovery from a big fight. They also point out that the therapy helps to heal sore muscles, protect achy joints, and even prevent excessive inflammation.

Rather than provide muscle enhancing energy pre-workout, like metabolic steroids, CBD is recommended by athletes to support the post-workout recovery. It helps ease strained muscles and help the body recover from arterial damage faster and more effectively. This allows you to maintain your workout routine as efficiently as you’d like to keep it up.