High blood pressure or hypertension is a common yet potentially deadly condition. It’s the consequence of spending years with too much blood pressing against your arteries, which can result in serious heart problems like heart disease.

For years, doctors have prescribed certain medications to patients living with high blood pressure to help control the symptoms of the condition. However, as more people become avid health and wellness advocates, there’s a growing demand for non-medicated solutions to help cope with conditions like high blood pressure.

One of those organic remedies preached by advocates is CBD oil, which has been used to treat conditions like seizures, diabetes, and other serious conditions. There’s also a growing body of research that says CBD has little to no negative effect on heart health.

The question is: can CBD reduce high blood pressure?


CBD and hypertension

CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help control the body’s response to pain, stress, or discomfort. Once ingested into the body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a complex series of cells and neurotransmitters that help facilitate communication between the body and the brain.

A healthy endocannabinoid system helps prevent chronic inflammation, which can contribute to serious cardiovascular health disorders, including high blood pressure. When the endocannabinoid system is compromised with age or health problems, CBD can function as substitute endocannabinoids in order to maintain healthy communication with the brain.


Can CBD reduce high blood pressure?

Early studies into the relationship between CBD and high blood pressure show promising results. Several studies have been cited and referenced on Healthline, showcasing how CBD can reduce high blood pressure.

In one study, a group of nine participants received a single dose of CBD as part of a clinical trial. The results showed that healthy participants reported reduced blood pressure during restful times as well as while coping with stressful situations.

Another study in 2020 showed similar improvements for people under stress. Participants were given CBD in response to feelings of overt stress that impacted their quality of life. The results showed that hypertension was reduced by CBD therapy.


CBD products to use for high blood pressure

While more trials are necessary to draw concrete conclusions, the early indicators suggest that CBD can reduce high blood pressure, especially among people who admit to feeling stressed in their lives. Now, what types of CBD products can help deliver that hypertension relief?

Several CBD products can be used to deliver regular doses into your body. CBD oil is the most straightforward option. You can purchase small bottles of CBD oil that also come with a helpful dropper. Using the dropper, you can grab a few droplets of the oil and place them on the back of your tongue. You could also add the droplets into a drink of your choice and sip the contents of the oil into your body at your leisure.

If you’d prefer a more edible product, you can also purchase CBD edibles for a chewable way to ingest CBD into your body. All edibles come in sealed packaging with a transparent breakdown of all ingredients in the compounds, ensuring you get a healthy delivery of CBD into your system. Should you prefer to indulge your sweet tooth while administering your CBD therapy, you could also purchase CBD gummies for a sugary boost to your treatment.

You may even prefer a more targeted form of therapy. Some people purchase CBD balms so that they can gently apply the oil directly onto the most sensitive areas of their bodies in the hope it provides more efficient relief. Worried about how CBD can reduce blood pressure? You could apply your CBD balm directly onto your heart so that the oil can be absorbed in the source and help apply faster relief to hypertension in your arteries.


How to use CBD for high blood pressure

The good news about CBD is that there are very few if any side effects to this form of therapy. Most people who do report side effects have limited symptoms related to dry mouth or fatigue. In many of these cases, the side effects are a simple matter of taking too large of a dose that can be corrected with a slight adjustment.

The one notable side effect is that CBD can disrupt how medications you may be taking for other conditions interact with your body. If you are currently medicated for high blood pressure or another condition, you should speak to your doctor about your plans to take CBD for your hypertension.

Your doctor will know details about your medical history that could influence how your body responds to treatment. You can also ask for a medically recommended dosage based on your medical history, body mass, age, overall health, and other factors that may influence your response to the therapy. This will help ensure healthy treatments that improve your quality of life for the better!