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The demand for CBD in Europe is growing exponentially, and according to estimations by the Brightfield Group, the CBD market in Europe will increase by 400% by 2023. Germany and the UK have seen significant growth; however, with all the focus on market growth, CBD brands are often forgotten. Europe has produced some of the best CBD brands in the world that include CBD vapes, CBD oils, CBD creams, and many more.

CBD Market trend

With CBD on the rise across Europe, hundreds of brands have appeared out of almost thin air to capture market share in this blossoming industry.

How do you know which product to choose with so many options and information out there? It can be challenging to make a purchase decision and to find a brand that can be trusted for quality, safety, and maximum effectiveness. Elements of Green’s mission is to identify and supply consumers with the highest quality brands available. In this article, we are going to review the top 7 brands in the CBD industry.

We will go through the most exciting features of each brand, why they deserve attention, and what sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

Hiatus – Premium CBD Vapes

Hiatus describes itself as a bespoke brand that combines a unique formulation of CBD and terpenes, with an ultra-modern, sleek design. Their flagship product, called ‘The Pen’, is a premium vape made from high-grade quartz glass and stainless steel.

CBD Vape Pen

Setting Hiatus apart from other vapes is its dedication to creating products with their consumers at the center of their designs. The Pen is air-activated, meaning it has no buttons, removable cartridges, warming time, or shaking required for use. These features allow users to incorporate a CBD vape into their daily life with style and vogue. Each unit contains 150mg of pure CBD isolate, meaning it has 0% THC, which is important for many consumers.

CBD Vape Pen in packaging

Hiatus carefully curated its products to match each vape’s flavor with its intended effect, making for a seamless user experience. The Rest Pen, shown above, subtly integrates blackcurrant and blueberry flavors to complement the CBD’s natural impact on achieving a relaxed mindset and better night’s sleep. The Revive Pen is a daily Zen-state supporter ready for use at any moment. It contains cucumber, raspberry, and mint in support of CBD. Finally, the Focus Pen combines pineapple and orange flavors with 150mg of CBD and additional terpenes to boost your mental state and help you feel energized. There’s no doubt that Hiatus is developing the best vapes sold in Europe, and is continuing to innovate to find new creative combinations of flavors and effects.


Founded by Henry Vincenty and his family, Endoca is all about supporting the overall wellbeing of the human body, while protecting nature in all its practices. What’s most exciting about Endoca is that they are committed to a global mission to make CBD commonplace in homes across the world by 2030. Endoca is also a science-driven company that ensures that only the highest quality hemp extracts are present in their products, best demonstrated by the fact that Endoca’s products are all third-party tested. What does that mean? Well, it means that each one of their products is sent individually to an independent lab for analysis of their terpenes and cannabinoids.

Top Uk cbd brands

Another differentiating factor, Endoca, is entirely vertically integrated, meaning they’re involved in every step of the process from cultivation to product design to sale and everything in-between. Endoca cultivates hemp from 2,000 acres of organic-soil land, where it sources its premium CBD oil. From there, the hemp is taken to a GMP-certified pharmaceutical-grade laboratory where the extraction process begins.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Another great thing about Endoca is their variety of products. Endoca offers over 18 CBD products, not including their hemp oils line; meaning, they provide a product of absolutely every consumer. One of our favorites, shown above, is the Strong CBD Capsules containing 50 mg of CBD per capsule.

Heidi’s Garden

Heidi’s Garden is a Swiss-based brand that is all about innovation and disrupting the CBD space. Heidi’s prides itself on maintaining its Swiss quality standards with a carefully curated line of CBD products that promote overall health and wellness. The brand’s hemp extract is also certified by BioSuisse as 100% Organic and is derived from a Secret CBD strain that Heidi’s cultivates.


Heidi’s offers a diverse line of products superior to many other brands. In particular, Heidi’s has developed a unique line of cosmetic products that are second to none. Their products are designed with self-care in mind for any consumer. Heidi’s offers everything from lip balm and body wash, to moisturizer and body lotion.

CBD Edibles CBD Shots

We mentioned earlier that Heidi’s is all about innovation, and nowhere is this more evident than their revolutionary ‘CBD Shot’ collection. In the past two years, one of the biggest health trends has been concentrated vitamins and minerals in a miniature ‘shot’ bottle. What Heidi’s has done is merged this trend with the CBD industry, creating an incredible one of a kind product. The Chillax Shot combines natural healthy nutrients like ginger, lemon, and turmeric with CBD, creating an easy to consume and concentrated product aimed at relaxation and post-workout recovery.

Dutch Natural Healing

Dutch Natural Healing’s Hemp Oil is derived from premium flowers grown on their farm, meaning they have oversight on the seed to sale process and guarantee the quality of the final product. The brand also distinguishes itself by having an open and transparent way of operating. They are well aware of all the misinformation and myth surrounding CBD and want to be part of the solution. Their commitment to openness means they provide best in class customer service and are willing to go the extra mile to assist their customers.

CBD Products

Dutch Natural Healing also prides itself on their ‘no-nonsense’ Dutch mentality, which leads them to create products with high standards of not only quality but also safety and compliance. The Brand’s commitment to consistency is another reason why it makes our list.

One of our favourite products from Dutch Natural Healing is the Gold Edition CBD Oil with 5000mg of CBD. As one of the most potent products we offer on Elements of Green, we recommend it for experienced CBD users only. This product can be described as rich and sweet and gives consumers a highly concentrated full-spectrum CBD tincture.

CBD Vital

CBD Vital’s priority is to provide the natural benefits of the hemp plant in its purest form. CBD Vital prides itself on offering products that are 100% organic, made in Europe, diligently tested, and extracted carefully to avoid any impurities. CBD Vital focuses on its unique extraction process that delicately extracts a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant.


CBD Vital’s diverse line of topicals is an exceptional group of products. They have taken great care to deliver high-quality creams for dry and irritated skin and several different formulas that fit all types of consumers.


The Artho Warm, one of our personal favourites, is an excellent example of innovation in the CBD space. This product is specially designed for muscle and joint pain and targets areas with naturally warming ingredients to provide soothing relief. Menthol, a proven muscle relaxant, is also included in the formula for reliable support for pain reduction.

Janus Organics

Janus Organics is one of the newest brands in the CBD space and has rapidly garnered a strong reputation among CBD consumers. Known as Europe’s most trusted organic CBD brand, Janus has set out on a lofty mission to provide the best quality products the world has to offer.

A close up of the Janus Zero CBD OIl 1000MG container -Black

A close up of the Janus Zero CBD OIl 1000MG container -White

Janus also prioritizes customer service. This process starts by designing products that are focused on what the consumer needs, without sparing any details. Their capsules and tinctures shown above are high potency but do not incorporate any additional chemicals in the extraction process that diminish the purity of the oil. Janus products are third party tested for unwanted heavy metals, and to identify terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Each product’s testing reports are easily accessible on the company’s website at any time.

Three jars of the Janus Organics Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000MG.

Janus products’ packaging has been designed with the consumer at the forefront. The products are organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan – which is essential! The simple to read labeling allows for minimal convolution and easily understandable ingredients and CBD content.

Kaneh Bosm Brand

Kaneh Bosm, or KanehB, as they are more commonly referred to, is a premium CBD brand focused on leveraging the hemp plant to create natural health and beauty products. By creating a simplified shopping experience that allows you to select the product that is the best suited for you in just a few clicks, KanehB has garnered a lot of support from the CBD community.



KanehB’s unique formulas incorporate a variety of natural ingredients like ginger, sunflower, and cinnamon, creating products that consumers are familiar with. These ingredients are well-known supporters of overall health and wellness, and KanehB has combined them with an all-natural hemp-derived CBD oil to arrive at some fresh, new ideas.

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